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Looking for a Good Christmas Story? Read A Grim Perspective!

If you like a small town mystery with a little romance and a touch of the occult, then take a look at the novel I just grim-perspective-book-coverpublished this week.  After holding on to it for three years, I finally took the plunge and decided to get it up as an ebook.  It is available on both Amazon/Kindle and with Kobo.  I had originally entered it into the Amazon First Novel contest in 2013 and made it to the Quarter finalist round so that was a good start.  I wasn’t ready for the ebook market at the time, and thought I would try to get it published the traditional way, only to find out that Canadian publishers are not interested in mysteries at this time.

Here is a synopsis of the story: 

How does a human hand end up in a crab trap?  This is a puzzle that Madeleine Belle, retired owner of a seaside inn on the east coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, finds herself drawn into solving.  It is Madeleine and her boyfriend Joe who find the hand, while they are fishing for crab in a nearby cove.  The hand is caught in one of the traps Joe pulls up, and at first, he mistakes it for a starfish.

Madeleine takes the appendage to the local RCMP office of Port Side, the town she lives in.  That same evening, at the local art gallery, Madeleine is confronted by a painting that is at once sinister and perplexing.  It reveals underwater life that is represented by female body parts.  In the centre of the painting there is a head that resembles a rock, and on top lays a hand that looks like a starfish.

From that point on, Madeleine can’t shake the feeling that there is a connection between the painting and the hand she and Joe found.  A series of strange coincidences, combined with dire predictions from a Tarot card reading lead Madeleine to suspect that something unsavory has occurred at the home of the artist who painted the underwater scene.

Although Madeleine would prefer to leave the case in the hands of the RCMP, a strange dream beckons her to continue looking for clues, and with the help of her friend Mitzi and her daughter Camille, she slowly pieces the puzzle together.  In the meantime, her relationship with Joe takes a surprising turn when he makes some unexpected admissions.

Set against the backdrop of life in a small coastal community during the festive Christmas season, A Grim Perspective provides startling revelations into the human psyche.

Happy reading!