About Me

BlogphotoHi – Hope you enjoy reading my stories, about all my adventures around Vancouver Island, and sometimes off the Island!  As a writer, historian and photographer, I get the best of both worlds – I am always learning about our area’s incredible history and I am often out living it!  One of my favourite things to do is to get out and give pictorial lectures about all these great times and places.

In 2012 I had a book published about the World War II history of tiny Yorke Island, and now a mystery novel I wrote, A Grim Perspective, that is set on Vancouver Island is available on Kindle through Amazon and Kobo.  I plan to order paper copies before Christmas 2016.  The Yorke Island book is available at several retail outlets in this area, and through my website http://catherinegilbert.ca/

Right now in 2016 I am living in Victoria and working on my Masters in Canadian History and my focus is on the turbulent history of Strathcona Provincial Park.  I write regularly for the Western Mariner Magazine, and those articles are going on Nauticapedia.ca, the boat lover’s site.  In summer, I still work as a historical interpreter on Museum at Campbell River boat tours in and around the magical Discovery Islands.  Visit me soon!

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