Canada Over the Edge – the West Coast is now on!

The time has arrived!  The west coast version of Canada Over the Edge is being featured on the Knowledge Network again.  The segment that I participated in  where we take a trip to Yorke Island and discuss the World War II fort that was once there, will be broadcast on Tuesday, November 8 at 7pm and 11pm, then again on Wednesday, November 9 at 6pm. (Pacific time)  just in time for Remembrance Day.  It is permanently available on my website

There was much excitement around the Museum at Campbell River where I used to work, when one of our long time docents 5Catherineand volunteers, Danny Brown, was interviewed for the episode that features Campbell River, where he discusses the famous explosion of Ripple Rock.

I recently received a comment about the first Vancouver Island episode from a lady who really enjoyed it and wanted a DVD copy of it.  Those are available through Arcadia Entertainment, the show’s producers.

Catherine Marie Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Canada Over the Edge – the West Coast is now on!

  1. I visited vancouver island 2 summers ago with my family. I just received a text from a friend saying he saw myself and grandchildren walking on the dock at telegraph cove. he said he saw it on the smithsonian channel with telus. Is there anyway i can get a copy of that episode or find out where we could watch it. We have shaw cable in Calgary, thank you.

    • Hi Roy – the program is being aired on the eqhd channel, which is like a documentary network out of Toronto. In our area, I think the Shaw number for that channel is 247. If you go to the eqhd channel website, they list the different cable providers, and tell you which channel to find them on.
      Also, the producers of the channel, Arcadia entertainment, sell the DVDs of Canada Over the Edge through their website and the one about the west is Season 2. The west coast episodes were filmed in August 2012.
      We are expecting to see it on Knowledge Network sometime soon as they did purchase it, but I don’t know if you can get that in Alberta.


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