Cozy Cordero Lodge

Tucked away in a little cove on the mainland side of Cordero Channel and accessible only by boat is a charming resort known as Cordero Lodge.  Situated between Philips Arm and Loughborough Inlet and behind Lorte Island, it is small but memorable, if only for the fact that offers a taste of Germany where one would least expect it – on the wild west coast of British Columbia.

The lodge is a charming float house and was brought to its current location by the Doris and Reinhardt Kuppers, who had come here from Vancouver about 40 years ago.

Inside, the décor is warm and inviting and there is even a piano for evening entertainment. Attached to the main building are substantial docks that make it an excellent marina.

Although the Kuppers no longer take a hand in the day to day operations of the Lodge, they have found excellent managers who continue to provide the type of hospitality that boaters have come to expect.  The biggest surprise of all is that the reputation for an authentic taste of Germany hasn’t suffered either – the Bratwurst I had for lunch had to be about the best I’ve had anywhere!

Steve and Laurie at right, with their two helpers, Sarah and Erin

Our chef was Steve Lyon, who operates the Lodge with his wife Laurie.  The Lyons are new to the area, and came recently from Ottawa, but are dedicated to offering a good experience to visitors of the Lodge.  Although we arrived at 4:00 pm, normally well past lunch time, Steve had no difficulty in offering us lunch.  My daughter Renee had the schnitzel – and it was a generous portion served with traditional German cabbage and an excellent potato salad.  To accompany our meal, we ordered Fisherman’s German Riesling.  Crisp and cold and perfect!  Ein Prosit!

To find out more about Cordero Lodge, visit their website at


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