Magnificent Shoal Bay on Canada Day

This past weekend, on July 1stCanada Day, my husband Terry and I went over to Shoal Bay, situated on East Thurlow Island,  for the annual pig roast that they have been holding every year for about the past six years. 

Evening at Shoal Bay

Getting over to Shoal Bay from our cabin at Green Point Rapids is a quick ten minute trip going south down Cordero Channel.  Numerous boats moor at Shoal Bay during the summer season, and people who have summer homes in the area often converge at Shoal Bay for these weekend dos.  It is a great way to get to know who your ‘neighbours’ are and mimics the habits of the early settlers of the district who often got together at Shoal Bay for community dinners and dances.

Grizzly bear at Philips Arm

This year, we met a couple from Courtenay, Viktor and Ursula, who were moored at Shoal Bay and staying at a cabin on the property, and they were busy exploring the area.  Viktor is an excellent photographer and was very excited about encountering a grizzly bear in Philips Arm and getting some really good shots.  I have posted some of Viktor’s photos here, with his permission.

Ironically, he had just been on a visit to Yorke Island with the Comox Valley Camera Club and posted an excellent slide show of photos taken there to Youtube.  I have inserted the link into my website.  He had graciously indicated on the Youtube posting that my book about Yorke Island was out, and was happy that we met, and he purchased a book from me there, on the spot!

Abandoned vehicle

For those interested in visiting Shoal Bay, on the August long weekend, there will be a beef roast, and another pig roast on the September long weekend.  On Saturday, August 11, there will be another music fest, which seems to be growing in popularity.  For those without a boat, you can take a water taxi to Shoal Bay and experience the beauty of the region, and the fun of the gatherings.


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