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Book About Yorke Island Has Been Published!!

The book I began working on exactly two years ago about tiny Yorke Island and its fort during WWII has been published!  The book is entitled Yorke Island and the Uncertain War, Defending Canada’s western coast during WWII. It has been published by Ptarmigan Press of Campbell River BC, and is under my legal name, Catherine Marie Gilbert.

Author Catherine Gilbert with Yorke Island WWII history

Response to the book has been excellent.  The publishers did a beautiful job on the overall design and unique cover, thanks to the combined expertise of designer Shannon Kask and the owners Ann and Lorne Kask.  The Kask family, who own and operate Ptarmigan Press and Kask Graphics have been wonderfully supportive of the entire project, and their assistance in helping me to understand the publishing process has been invaluable.

I was very fortunate in finding several people who had connections with Yorke Island either directly or through family and acquaintances.  There was much serendipity throughout, with one person leading me to another, and seemingly unconnected people actually having links with this odd little place and with me in ways that were unexpected.

I have created a website so that more people who may have a connection with or information about Yorke Island can contact me, and hopefully add some stories to the website.  I am hoping that the sharing of stories and photos can go beyond Vancouver Island and the folks I connected with in the Vancouver area, and extend to other parts of Canada where I am certain there are more people with ‘Yorke Island Memories’.  Here is the link to the site, and you can order a book directly from me (no tax!) through the site.

Particularly, there would have been many French Canadians who served in Home Defence and were sent to BC – I do know that there were Francophone troops stationed at Yorke Island, but have no names.  My site is bilingual, and I am pleased to be able to respond in French to anyone who has information.

For anyone interested in receiving a copy of the book, please leave a comment here or order through the website.  I ship the book via the post.  There are now several bookstores on Vancouver Island carrying the book, and I would be pleased to tell you where the nearest one is to you!

Look forward to hearing from you!!