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It’s Heating Up in Willow Point!

Summer might still seem a long way off, but you can already warm up in Willow Point.  At Classy Katz Consignment, in the plaza on the west side of the Island Highway at the corner of Westgate, owner Chris Wiegerinck has made a new addition to her store that is proving to be popular with her clients.  Wiegerinck has installed an infrared sauna, a unique unit that takes up only a small amount of room but offers tremendous benefits to the user.

Owner Chris at her busy store

The Far infrared sauna is different from a standard sauna in a few respects.  While the purpose is the same – to perspire and clear toxins out from the body through the skin, the heat is different, and no steam is used in the sauna itself.  Rather than heating the air, as the traditional sauna does, the infrared heat targets the object, or person in the sauna much the same way as the sun does.  Users of the sauna enjoy not only the direct, dry heat, but the way they feel after a session.  Among benefits sighted are: relief from pain (from arthritis and fibromyalgia), relief from muscular pain, all over feeling of well being, and weight loss.  Wiegerinck says the most frequent comments she hears from clients is that they feel relaxed after a treatment, and experience improved sleep.

The Infrared Sauna

Wiegerinck herself uses it almost daily, and finds that after using it, she can count on having a good night’s sleep. She initially had it in her home for three years, but decided to have it installed in the store as she enjoyed it so much and wanted to share it with others.

At Classy Katz, sessions are ½  hour long and can be purchased either singly or 10 at a time.  The sauna that Wiegerinck installed is a double one, and two people can actually use it together at one time.  The only thing you need to bring is your towel!

Call Classy Katz at 250-923-6066 from Tuesday to Saturday for an appointment.