The Benefits of Sex in Middle Age

While our children may not want to hear about it, those of us in our middle years are enjoying ‘it’, yes that three letter word: SEX.  My 28 year old daughter for example, feels entirely free to discuss her sex life with me, but I am forbidden to express anything to her about my sex life, beyond saying that it happens.

Love in the middle ages

Sex is definitely not just for the young.  Maturity can bring pleasures that were absent in youth.  For example – most mature couples are past the reproductive stage of their lives.  Either one or the other has had permanent surgery (vasectomies for men, tubal ligation for women), or menopause has arrived, and ovulation has ceased.  Therefore, there is no need for contraceptives, and most couples in a monogamous union chose not to use any form of condom.  This means there are more opportunities for spontaneous love making and not ‘waiting for the right time’ and many middle aged couples don’t have young children, so have no fears of being ‘discovered’ or interrupted.   In addition, as they get older, men generally take longer to reach orgasm and both sexes have picked up a few tricks along the way, resulting in increased pleasure to both parties.

 Another drawback to enjoying ourselves when we are young is that in our youth, we tend to be much more conscious and critical of what kind of shape we are in, but as we get older, there is generally more acceptance of how we look, and the knowledge that a loving partner doesn’t harbour a media-induced notion of how we should look. (I personally like a little belly on a man to give him that ‘teddy bear’ feel).  I have heard it said that “what looks good, doesn’t necessarily feel good between the sheets”.  In fact, I recently heard a radio announcer on 97.3 the Eagle in Campbell River say that only his wife or a mortician should see him naked.

 You may have seen the CIALIS commercials, which I find quite hilarious; about the couples who went strolling, antiquing or were constantly redecorating until their sex life was re-kindled with the help of this drug.  While I don’t know all the implications of taking CIALIS, I like to believe that the benefits outweigh the risks, even if those benefits are simply in helping people achieve closeness.

 We often hear that sex is favourable to our health.  When my father developed prostate cancer several years ago, I started to do some research on the reasons it can be so prevalent in middle aged men.  Apparently, one thing that contributes to prostate problems can be the decline in sexual activity as men get older.  It has to do with fluids and carcinogens getting backed up in the system, and these can be released through ejaculation. This seems to make perfect sense, and ladies, if your partner seems less than willing these days, tell him that it is all in the name of a good cause – cancer prevention. If that doesn’t motivate him, then try slipping CIALIS into his coffee. (I’m joking of course; he should see his doctor first!)

I found a terrific article that discusses sexual activity tests made on middle aged men and offers more than enough reasons why sex is good for us, especially as we get older.  Here is a brief synopsis:

  • Longer life
  • Improved sense of smell
  • Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Weight loss and improved fitness
  • Reduced depression
  • Pain relief
  • Fewer colds and flues
  • Improved bladder control
  • Better teeth
  • Healthier prostate

 That should motivate a few of you to go running to the bedroom!


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