This Is Our Winter!

Yesterday, on the first day of the year for 2010, the sun broke out for an hour or two in southern Campbell River, and I was not the only person at Storries Beach stopping to admire the view and recording the scenery with my camera (see photos).

Storries Beach in January

Storries Beach in January

On the news and the weather channel, reporters were reviewing the weather last year, and there was a good write up on the Opinion page of the CR Mirror by Stephen Watson of BC Hydro about the strange and wonderful weather of 2009.  Sometimes it is difficult to remember what conditions were like a year ago and that last winter was very white and long – unusual for this part of the country, and that we had some very frigid days indeed.  This winter season so far, we have been blessed with what we usually expect here in Lotus Land – equable temperatures, day after day, a bit gloomy but nothing dangerous.

Winter sun at the seashore

Winter sun at the seashore

For those who actually want the snow, it is up there on the mountains (where yours truly feels it belongs).  This holiday season, there has been a noticeable lack of dangerous driving and days like the last few that are perfect for taking a stroll or bike ride.  There were numerous people strolling along the Seawalk yesterday, taking advantage of the mild, clear weather, albeit it was a bit windy down by the shore.

Seawalk view January 1 2010

Seawalk view January 1 2010

All in all, a great way to start off the New Year and to get the exercise that we all promise ourselves is what we are going to do in the upcoming year.  If this is winter, then I think I can handle it!


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