North Island College Student Wins Scholarship to Study in Germany

Renee in Dusseldorf

Renee in Dusseldorf

When she was  laid off from her job at Finning Canada last January,  Renee Williams never would have dreamt that she would find herself studying in Europe only a year and a half later.  Renee is pursuing her diploma in Business Administration at North Island College in Campbell River and found out that she could spend a semester of her studies in another country.  Excited by the prospect, Renee applied for the scholarship to study in Germany.  “I chose Germany”, she said, “because my mother’s family comes from there, and I took a year of German at university, so figured I wouldn’t have too much difficultly getting around.”  Renee was interviewed by the college here, and much to her delight, won a scholarship to study at the International School of Management (ISM) in Dortmund, situated in northwest Germany.  Renee is currently the only Canadian student attending the university in Dortmund in the business courses.

At Oktoberfest

At Oktoberfest

Renee has been in Dortmund for almost two months now, and will be home on time for Christmas.  The school there organizes trips for the students and she has already been to Munich for the famous Oktoberfest, to Dusseldorf and Koln where she went on a Rhine River cruise and she caught a performance of the Cirque du Soleil in of all places, Hamburg.  There is an organized trip to Berlin and another to Amsterdam coming up which she doesn’t plan to miss.

The majority of the students at the university are Spanish speaking, but all courses are taught in English. 

In the 'hands' of Dortmund

In the 'hands' of Dortmund

Renee has signed up for Italian and German classes and is learning Spanish from her new found friends.  Sounds like she will be ready to do some international business upon her return!


One thought on “North Island College Student Wins Scholarship to Study in Germany

  1. Thats me! Having a great time out here but missing Campbell River like crazy. I now know I want to spend my life on the island, the beauty doesnt compare to anything Ive seen on my travels. See you in January!

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