Pets in Love? It seems they can mourn each other’s absence



My daughter was once staying with us for a short period of time, and had brought her little female cat, Skittles with her.  My older male cat, Mutzi, was quite taken with her and they frolicked together with joy and abandon.  Alas, the happy union was about to be torn asunder through no fault of their own.  My daughter’s boyfriend had to go to Kamloops to take a work related course and she decided to go with him.  She took her little kitty with her and that was when we noticed what seemed to be signs of depression in our cat. 



After Skittles left, all the play seemed to go out of him.  He lost his appetite and moped around…  looking, if this is possible, unhappy.  This change in him inspired me to write a little ditty which I will share with you here. 



You should imagine this verse as a country western lament in the old style, complete with twang and steel guitars.  Here it is!

All She Left Behind Her Was Her Fleas

All she left behind her was her fleas,

A chewed up toy, a hairball and some cheese

I cry and cry all day, but she never comes to play

Oh what can I do? I’ve never been so blue.


She’s a furry little heartbreaker

She leaves them sad wherever she goes

She’s a furry little heartbreaker

And I miss her from my ears down to my toes.


I hear she’s gone to Kamloops for awhile

No doubt she’s making all the people smile

She’s with some other guy, and I know that she’s not shy

She’ll be keeping him happy, and she won’t remember me.



If she doesn’t come back I don’t know what I’ll do

It’s lonely here and I haven’t’ got a clue

I can’t eat and I can’t play, I sleep and sleep all day

I need love in my life – what happened to my fluffy wife?


 My son has promised that he will put this to music and record it on his first CD – so remember that you first ‘heard’ it here!!

 Addendum:  I am happy to report that Mutzi and Skittles now live together in perfect harmony,

Together at play

Together at play

due to a series of changes in my daughter’s life, for which I am grateful.  Sometimes our children leave us with things or pets we don’t want as they go through the process of sorting out their lives – my son, for example, although he has his own home just a couple of blocks away, inevitably manages to leave a piece of clothing behind after each visit.  I once collected about 10 white socks that I mistakenly thought belonged to my husband, until he said one day “these aren’t my socks”.  It turned out  they belonged to my son, who was grateful to get them back – and clean – as a bonus.  I think a part of our adult children likes to remind us that they will always be our children.  And that is as it should be.


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