Wild and Wooly Weekend (and I’m just talking about the weather)

In early July, my hubby (partner) Terry and I headed up to our cabin at Greenpoint Rapids, located on the mainland between Loughborough Inlet and Philips Arm.  It usually takes about an hour by boat to get there when we put in at the Discovery dock downtown, or 45 minutes out of Brown’s Bay. I had a feeling though, that we should drive up further north to Rock Bay, even though it is a fair distance in from the road to where we launch the boat.  It took us 45 minutes to get from the highway to the bay, (it’s a pretty bumpy road) but we were rewarded by viewing a family of deer up close and a black bear.  When we finally got to Rock Bay, conditions were pretty windy and the place was a buzz with the story of how two men had been found wandering along the shore in a daze.  They had apparently run aground in their fishing trawler in the wee hours of the morning, and made it to shore.

Reports were that the sea was rough, particularly around the points we needed to pass on our way up (Edith Point for one).  This was true.  We have a 19 foot open motorboat, and we were taking it slow.  Luckily the skipper (Terry) is experienced on the salt water.

Coming around Edith Point

Coming around Edith Point

He  took it nice and slow and we navigated that treacherous point like it was butter.

We finally reached the calmer waters of Green Points – our home away from home.  There was a get-together at Shoal Bay (15 minute boat ride – on the east side of East Thurlow Island) that evening so we packed up after a couple hours rest and headed south in fairly calm waters.

Old store formerly at Shoal Bay

Old store formerly at Shoal Bay

The pig roast/potluck at the Shoal Bay Lodge is held every long weekend throughout the summer and the usual suspects turn up – neighbours who have places at Shoal Bay and just about anybody else who spends the summer (or even all year) on their boat like Herb.  Great time, nice people… and we met some new people (Andrea and Ron) recently arrived from the Northwest Territories who have Oceanside Bed and Breakfast in Alert Bay.

We headed back before dark, the water was calmer and it was truly a beautiful evening.

View from Green Points on a calm day
View from Green Points on a calm day

It is difficult to describe the beauty of the area – it is wild and fresh, and stimulating.  I have accompanied this article with some photos of where we go, truly a spectacular portion of our coast.

The next day, it was still blowing.  We had no particular plans except to go fishing at some point.  By about 5 pm that evening, the wind suddenly died down, and I told Terry we were going fishing.  We hopped in the boat and headed a few minutes north, where our favourite cod fishing spot was – on the east coast of West Thurlow Island.

Waterfall near Loughborough Inlet

Waterfall near Loughborough Inlet

We had a bite immediately, then lost it – then a few minutes later, something heavy was on my line, and I struggled to bring it up.  When it reached the surface – there was a gorgeous big ling cod – but he wasn’t properly hooked!  Luckily, Terry was quick on the draw – he had his club with the gaffing hook on the end of it ready and made a lunge for it.  He brought it in the boat – a nice one about 15 pounds – which for me was quite a prize, because I don’t think I could bring up anything heavier.

That was dinner!  I fished a bit longer, but only got a couple of rock cod – so back for a superb dinner (if I do say so myself) of fresh cod, rack of lamb and salad from the garden at home.

That night it poured rain, and we saw some distant lightning flash.  It was still raining very hard in the morning, and we realized we would have to make the trip back in the downpour.  One good thing about the rain though, is that the water was calm. We were thoroughly soaked by the time we reached Rock Bay.  It was so good to be out of the weather and into the nice warm truck!

Shortly after we arrived home safe and sound in Storries Beach, one of our neighbours from Green Points who stayed home in Campbell River for the weekend told us that we had missed a spectacular thunderstorm the night before.  So it turned out it was a wild and woolly weekend for everyone, whether out on the water or not!


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