Gotta love them tomatazz!


This has been a terrific year for gardening.  The burst of heat we had in early June, followed by the rain and another heat wave, has things growing with wild abandon. 

Everything seems to be early this year, including the succulent fruit known as the tomato.  I have included a couple of photos of one of my tomato plants here – I already picked and ate the ripe ones from another plant.  There is nothing like picking a ripe, red tomato and eating it warmed from the sun, just like you would an apple.  I once watched a documentary about growing tomatoes (yes, that is what middle aged people do) and one of the farmers interviewed said that we should consider them to be a tropical fruit.  He advised to not refrigerate them.  This doesn’t go over particularly well in my household, where the man of the house would like to see everything in the refrigerator, in case a fly might notice it.  But don’t worry, I won’t let this dissolve into a synopsis of a domestic dispute, all you need to know is that I pull out my farmer’s quote every time I find one of my precious fruits being murdered by the cold.

In any case, I am enjoying my tomatoes too much to let them linger long, and am sharing them with family – who appreciate organic and home grown food.  This year I purchased only heirloom varieties of tomatoes, and find that they are exceptionally sweet.  I have plans to keep the seeds and sprout them over the winter (that is, if I can stop myself from eating the tomatoes whole and swallowing the seeds).

Another of nature’s gifts to celebrate and another reason to be ever grateful for the exceptional climate we enjoy here in Campbell River!


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